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Benefit as our partner

Diversity & Inclusion are an essential part of your corporate values?
Then cognitive giftedness

is also your topic!

Diversity and inclusion as an opportunity

From the research report Correlations between high giftedness and work-related personality traits

(Source: Projektteam Testentwicklung (project team test development), 2013, Rüdiger Hossiep, Philip Frieg, Renate Frank & Heinz-Detlef Scheer)

“In purely arithmetical terms it is possible to determine the amount of highly gifted employees. According to the statistics, around 9.100 employees of the Volkswagen AG (total: app. 400.000 employees) can be considered as highly gifted. At the Daimler AG (app. 260.000 employees) they amount to around 5.900. Following that calculation, the E.ON AG (app. 85.000 employees) can expect approximately 1.900 of their employees to be highly gifted. The question is, whether those people are identified as such.” 


With unIQate, we offer companies the opportunity to consciously include the topic of high giftedness to their Diversity & Inclusion agenda – because this is exactly where it can unfold people’s potential. As a company, you can obtain the official certificate as our partner by attending our one-day seminar “High Giftedness”. Here we will impart knowledge regarding high giftedness in general terms and in everyday professional life. Once you are certified as our official partner, you will also be able to have job offers placed on our closed platform unIQate.

Beyond that, we are glad to support you anytime regarding the topic high giftedness:

  • Counceling 

  • Creating custom-built campaigns in direct collaboration 

  • Event organization

  • Selecting qualified experts from our pool, e.g. for talks or targeted coachings

  • Support in conflict situations with highly gifted employees

Untapped potential „high giftedness“

Many companies are not yet aware of how much potential is already dormant in their own ranks or how they can gain a competitive advantage by systematically recruiting highly gifted adults.

unIQate is the platform for high giftedness and offers companies the unique opportunity to access and purposefully deploy the “resource high giftedness” – and, why not?

Highly gifted individuals think faster and interconnectedly. For example, they absorb more information, process it faster and in broader contexts and scrutinize in a more critical manner than others. That makes them perfect fits for areas which are avoided by most of their peers. One gifted person might be incredibly good at “revealing the flaws in a system” while others easily and holistically overview a given situation and provide innovative impulses with lateral thinking.


  • We counsel you when it comes to highly gifted employees

  • Win over highly gifted personnel for your company

  • We offer you access to Think Tanks/Master Mind Groups of highly gifted adults for finding solutions for entrepreneurial challenges

all positions

Whether executive or specialist – we can connect you with the suitable person.

diverse sectors


“Mosaic CV’s” are all but rare amongst highly gifted people – definitely an additional value as they provide experience from the most diverse sectors and work environments.

all levels of experience

Our women network is open to all women, starting from age 18 – young professional or experienced consultant?


We live diversity in all aspects.

one shared USP


The one exclusive trait that connects us all is our high giftedness (IQ ≥ 130 - Wechsler scale)

Our Services - clustered


We offer profound knowledge about what high giftedness really is.


We counsel companies when it comes to dealing with highly gifted employees.


Through us, the concept of high giftedness is made visible to companies for the first time.


With the unIQate platform, we can offer continuous and holistic support regarding professional as well as everyday concerns of high giftedness.


Collaboratively developed measures empower you to identify undiscovered employees in your company.


We connect highly gifted adults and suitable companies. We are more than a recruiting tool - we work for and with people.

The first steps

are always the same -
the offer is individual


You are interested in a cooperation?
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In a first conversation - personal or telephone - you will learn more about our work and goals. At the same time, we can get to know you better, discuss open questions and put together a proposal that suits your needs.


In order to become an certified employer, any cooperation starts with our "basic seminar " - in your company or within planned group seminars (we are currently working on a digital offer).

We offer special discounts to the public service, nonprofit organizations, social enterprises and startups. Please contact us.


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